Summer Exhibition: The Art Class + plastic sea 2013

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Incredible progress of the Art Team who all said ‘I can’t draw’ now a 394 page book to buy: Art for Beginners WAYS OF LOOKING. Plus PLASTIC SEA Installation #2, West Coast Scotland 2013.


IMG_9565.JPG IMG_9754.JPG IMG_9564.JPG IMG_9529.JPG IMG_6489.jpg IMG_9687.JPG IMG_9709.JPG IMG_9606.JPG IMG_9563.JPG IMG_9561.JPG IMG_9717.JPG IMG_9555.JPG IMG_9522.JPG IMG_9589.JPG IMG_6423.jpg IMG_9512.jpg IMG_9681.JPG DSC01095.JPG IMG_9501.JPG IMG_9650.JPG IMG_9648.JPG IMG_9489.JPG IMG_9488.JPG IMG_9668.JPG IMG_9684.JPG IMG_9478.JPG IMG_9480.JPG IMG_9662.JPG IMG_9637.JPG IMG_9531.JPG IMG_9676.JPG IMG_9722.JPG IMG_9675.JPG IMG_9505.JPG IMG_9680.JPG IMG_9513.JPG IMG_9652.JPG IMG_9860.JPG private view invite_summer exhibition_4 august 2013.jpg IMG_9401.JPG

It was a fantastic buzz of a private view. I loved the 4 boats who sailed up the loch. Proud of the Art Team, their vigorous drawing, bolder bigger looser painting and more considered looking. Most of these paintings are done in 50 minutes with 30 minutes for the sketch drawings, to my brief. It’s a process rather than a result,¬†never judge out of context.

Hannah show 015.jpg IMG_9460.JPG IMG_9462.JPG IMG_9464.JPG IMG_9463.JPG Hannah show 007.jpg Hannah show 093.JPG Hannah show 071.JPGIMG_9364.JPG IMG_9352.JPG IMG_9373.JPG IMG_9376.JPG IMG_9411.JPG IMG_9429.JPG Hannah show 159.JPG Hannah show 149.jpg Hannah show 157.jpg IMG_9798.JPG IMG_9811.JPG IMG_9807.JPG IMG_6539.jpg IMG_6536.jpg IMG_8954.jpg IMG_0046.jpg IMG_0515.jpg IMG_0884.jpg IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1072.jpg IMG_8057.jpg IMG_3483.jpg IMG_1852.jpg IMG_4353.jpg IMG_9421.jpg IMG_4937.jpg IMG_5784.jpg IMG_7435.jpg IMG_6117.jpg IMG_8701.jpg IMG_8483.jpg IMG_8864.jpg IMG_9391.JPG