Art Class: springmix 1

First day outside for The Art Team after a long haul 8 month downpour winter. Composition sketches with ink+bamboo pens cut from 1 of Merlyn’s 35 varieties down the end of the peninsula. (Thank you!) Looking at the inky silhouettes in the pewter mirror calm, white mast verticals and stenciled shapes punctuated by red round bouys out of purply greys when the light inevitably changed, such a relief to be warm in fresh air and in the  bright light.

IMG_8954.jpg IMG_8980.jpg IMG_9004.jpg IMG_9670.jpg IMG_9020.jpg IMG_9665.jpg IMG_9701.jpg IMG_8983.jpg IMG_8994.jpg IMG_9017.jpg IMG_9011.jpg IMG_0032.jpg