Beginners Art 4: Looking at Autumn

Art Classes: 10  weeks : 3hrs for Advanced Beginners! Adults who all said they were ‘too scared to draw’, had been told at school they couldn’t paint. Block 4: working as much as the weather would allow outside in autumn on the west coast of Scotland. Mixing acrylic blues on a hilltop was tricky with the shifting light. Paint what you see, not what you think blue ‘should’ be.

ab_composition_10 - 29.jpg AB_crabcolours - 25.jpg AB_seedheadsforprint - 29.jpg AB_crabcolours - 14.jpg ab_chalkycolours_10 - 09.jpg AB_sketchingboats_10 - 05.jpg AB_sketchingboats_10 - 43.jpg AB_chalkwindowlandscapes - 37.jpg AB_expressiveflowers_10 - 25.jpg AB_autumnexpression_10 - 46.jpg AB_autumnexpression_10 - 06.jpg AB_leafprints_10 - 07.jpg