Art Class:Flower+Ink Special

Stephanie Legard is a top textile designer, working in London designing for furnishings and fashion over 25 years. It’s utterly hypnotic to watch her splash her Dr. Marten inks around so freely, with stick, pen or brush, loosely, knowingly. Stephanie ran a x3 hr workshop session for the team. Vibrant results!


IMG_3832.jpg IMG_3966.jpg IMG_3784.jpg IMG_3787.jpg IMG_3789.jpg IMG_3911.jpg IMG_3967.jpg IMG_3975.jpg IMG_3795.jpg IMG_3839.jpg IMG_3800.jpg IMG_3801.jpg IMG_3970.jpg IMG_3829.jpg IMG_3836.jpg IMG_3845.jpg IMG_3844.jpg IMG_3826.jpg IMG_3813.jpg IMG_3825.jpg IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3799.jpg IMG_3827.jpg IMG_3824.jpg IMG_3816.jpg IMG_3814.jpg IMG_3822.jpg IMG_3820.jpg IMG_3837.jpg IMG_3858.jpg IMG_3931.jpg IMG_3898.jpg IMG_3863.jpg IMG_3870.jpg IMG_3881.jpg IMG_3962 copy.jpg IMG_3871.jpg IMG_3876.jpg IMG_3916.jpg IMG_3902.jpg IMG_3849.jpg IMG_3864.jpg IMG_3922.jpg IMG_3940.jpg