art tutor for art holidays

Art Tutor forArt Holidays including dinners and chats. Never drawn and painted so much whilst teaching, good exercise for me. x6 varied sessions over x3 days, on location according to weather inspiring adults to look to draw and paint. Art holiday not an Art boot-camp? “like doing 10 rounds with Mike Tyson”, “an inspiring and challenging tutor”


Passionate about giving people new experiences and sensations to learn. Energetic and enthusiastic, encouraging people to believe their potential. You have to be spontaneous; give everyone of any ability, a fun and rewarding experience. It’s a juggling act; to help decode the location, new subject matter, personalities and energy limits.

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My studio-car is organised with any material and paper. I love messy chalks, working on A2 and bigger. To help you loosen up and be bold in your mark making. Seeing colours and patterns on location; Tarbert Harbour, Argyll.

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Swift water soluble pencil sketches as the Scottish Series sailed in from their first race day.


Raining on Sunday. Describing colours, seeing them, not thinking them in the studio. Using a still life of bright coloured objects and papers to push your normal palette. I love colour. I see people are hesitant with colour. Acrylics to push big-brush unfussy marks. I set swift 1 hour tasks, to keep loose, not overworked. Respond with no over thinking.


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On location looking out to the blue hills of Aran. The rocks are so different here, the beaches another colour to my peninsula, only an hour away up the coast in Craignish.

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The light kept changing and then it rained. Different to working in a city Art College.

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A late afternoon sketch in a local bay, but the midges ate us up in minutes so back to drawing on the steps of the house.


Visiting tutor at Whitehouse Studio Art Holidays, Argyll, Scotland: Thanks Bill for taking nice shots of me!