About Hannah

CREATIVE / CONCEPT / DIRECTION:  Hannah Tofts  MA Royal College of Art, London, artist / designer / teacher. Creative in Cities to Seas: London / Amsterdam / Australia / Scotland. Lucky to have had a real Art education. Champion Creativity! hannahtofts@hotmail.com


  • Global initiative: Plastic Sea inspire to be aware
  • Motivation + Inspiration: companies and schools
  • Word + Image: documenting, telling the story, print/film
  • Art for adults: Ways of Looking – my Foundation Course
  • Art for kids: primary schools/youth
  • Zzebbraa: character for 2-5yrs; web/print/book/activity/animation
  • Inspiration Art and Early Learning kids books
  • Exhibitions, events, installations
  • Teaching: Foundation/BA/MA Graphic Design, and teachers



Creative in cities: London / Amsterdam


to Seas: Australia / Scotland


A peek inside my studios..

“Great things are a series of small things brought together” Vincent Van Gogh. Too right!

Nova Magazine1970? I’m on the sledge, my brother Shannon is the Dragon, Mum made the costumes, Dad art directed.

Thankful for Great Art Education: Creative Parents, Brighton Foundation (the best) Brighton Graphic Design BA, Royal College of Art MA, London (Top Creatives ’87)