artweekend adventure: 1

x2 1/2 Art Days as a workshop for 8 Glasgow Girls away from the city, mixed abilities, 6 who had done lots, 2 who hadn’t at all. I hope to inspire and motivate everyone regardless of ability, teaching vigorous bold and big drawing, pushing your colour palette in acrylics, committed oil pastel sketches, zesty bold colours in chalks, loose un-hairy mark making, no thinking, considered composition, constantly daring you to loosen up, be bolder, play!


IMG_2938.jpg IMG_2452.jpg IMG_2888.jpg IMG_2462.jpg IMG_2485.jpg IMG_2523.jpg IMG_2618.jpg IMG_2559.jpg IMG_2568.jpg IMG_2628.jpg IMG_2646.jpg GetInline-1.jpg IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2701.jpg IMG_2696.jpg IMG_2735.jpg