Beginners Art 3: Looking at Colour

Art Classes: 10 weeks : now 3hrs outside on the west coast of Scotland. Block 3: the adult beginners are improving with the experiences of colour! Experimenting with splashy inks and bold pastel drawings. Getting bolder and drawing on bigger formats. Full of sensation and definitely inspired by being outdoors in bright light and curious locations. What energy!

advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 057.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 294.jpg advancedbeginners - 568.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 159.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 619.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 677.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 308.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 190.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 261.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 383.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 421.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 505.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 758.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 770.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 763.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 787.jpg