PLASTIC SEA: Primary School Arts Event

Working with Kilninver Primary School, Argyll, 35 game kids. Great energy and play.


IMG_2525.jpg IMG_2536.jpg IMG_2537.jpg IMG_2545.jpg

We made 3d fishes on the floor with no glue, scissors or nails. A playful way to introduce this scruffy material: x35 creative individual responses to sea creatures. It always makes me smile to see what you see.

IMG_2568.jpg IMG_2569.jpg IMG_2570.jpg IMG_2572.jpg IMG_2641.jpg IMG_2646.jpg IMG_2579.jpg IMG_2586.jpg IMG_2566.jpg IMG_2640.jpg IMG_2554.jpg IMG_2613.jpg

Using bottle tops and bits from my collections to make corals and fishes we painted x35 plastic Dutch tomato boxes to make aquariums and underwater scenes.

IMG_2677.jpg IMG_2680.jpg IMG_2699.jpg IMG_2719.jpg IMG_2722.jpg IMG_2716.jpg IMG_2664.jpg IMG_2698.jpg

Making Birds. The school had done a lot of research in to drawing birds which helped.

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