Artist in Secondary School: to inspire

Collage Artist for Diversity Day to inspire and enthuse students at St.Georges Secondary School for girls. Over 40 Specialists in diverse fields were also invited: Quaker, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Belly Dancing, Mathematics, Meditation, Exploding Science, Street Dancing. 6 x45 minute bombastic sensation intro art sessions for 20 girls at a time who had chosen not to do Art.

dd_Page_3.jpg diversityday_07 - 030.jpg dd_Page_7.jpg diversityday_07 - 066.jpg
diversityday_07 - 096.jpg

The brief: to cover an A2 board according to the blue, green, yellow areas indicated. All 450+ panels were assembled in the gym at the end of the day to make a giant picture which nobody knew until the final reveal. Amazing to see: the huge variety of different styles and individuals in Hand and Our World. A great teamwork experience.