Food and Cooking: Teacher Trainers, primary school

Creative for a week in IPABO, Teacher Trainer College in Amsterdam. To inspire primary school teachers about food and cooking. Using colour, cooking, sensations and experience to help learn; maths, measurements, language, expression, geography, nature, nationalities -we think you can learn every subject through food!

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6 cooking stations, 6 recipes to be made, presented, tasted, washed up, cleaned and the ingredients re-set up on the table for the next group, all in a simple classroom. In my childlike Dutch; we all learned new words, our enthusiasm translated.

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Day 2: How to make a simple recipe book. Using basic materials, cardboard, photocopies, material, washing up cloths, anything suitable for young children. These teacher-trainers hadn’t ever folded paper or glued before. At the end of the week the students gave a 15 minute presentation of what they’d learnt; they liked the the colours, tactile approach and atmosphere.


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