ARTIST TALK +creative tasks about plastic ocean trash from an artist/designer point of view. Hannah Tofts MA RCA creator of PLASTIC SEA and LETSGOTOTHEBEACH.

The American School in London, 14-16 yr teenager/youth on a 4 day plastic awareness trip to The Netherlands. Exploring plastic trash in our waters, marine conservation, recycling, sustainability living and creative plastic initiatives organised with PlasticSoupFoundation.

MAKE-IT FUN: it’s funny what you find. MOTIVATE: I brought 30 kilos of plastic trash from my studio by the sea, back to the city.

INSPIRE: Know what scruffy plastic rubbish washed up in our seas looks like? Been on a beach clean? Seen a Nurdle? You’ll never see a micro-fibre. Did you know plastic is made from oil? If I knew then, what I know now… I would’ve been too overwhelmed to start.

“The Netherlands is incredible for being so creative…inventive…active…why can’t London / the UK do this?” I agree!
Why don’t we have a symbol for zero plastic in a product or packaging? Do you know what numbers 1-7 in triangles mean? We can re-think our packaging and question the producers and supermarkets. We can be responsible. Why are Creatives not accepted by the Science, Academic and Charity worlds. Look at the Dutch by comparison; they use Design, Art and the Creative as positive thinking, solutions, quality and wellbeing for everyday living. They embrace the individual, funky, out of a box, initiative, visual idea. They see this as vital in education, living and public spaces. It’s inspiring to see.

Orange is the Dutch National Colour. Shell Oil is Dutch. Made for Kings Day 2018, Amsterdam.

The Dutch have a Bottle Deposit Return system, water fountains in Schiphol airport and the Dutch urban Moorhens resourcefully build their nests on the canals out of plastic trash. It’s funny what you find.