why coloured plastic bottle tops?!


(2022 and nothing’s changed!) Read Mark Miodownik’s article in The Observer 13.04.14. As a designer, it’s obvious, use coloured labelling on plastic bottles to help the consumer, instead of difficult and expensive to recycle coloured tops. We consumers can re learn. Supermarkets get a grip, lead the way. We have an easy choice, to have more than 75% plastic recycling rates, which the Japanese have, after passing a law in 1995 phasing out coloured drinks bottles and tops making recycling an easier process. M M writes with candid reserve, but I would’ve shouted rudely. What money invested to design a machine to eliminate the non-recyclable colour plastic drinks tops while breaking down the easy HDPE white plastic because the supermarkets won’t dare a change.

‘Skinnyfat Milkipeede’ from my PLASTIC SEA. Blue and Green milk bottle tops in Britain, Purple occasionally in Scotland, Orange in Holland. But why not simply white with paper colour labels? Never mind about the water bottle tops…