Scottish Beach Clean 11

It’s rarely dry on the last local beach clean of the season, usually we’re eating sausages in the pouring rain.¬†Interesting to see: the bin bags collected at the end of the last beach clean were reduced by a third. Apparently the Irish changed some laws. (the winds storm in from the west from Northern Ireland).

scotland_beachclean_10 - 06.jpg scotland_beachclean_09 - 07.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 19.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 28.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 36.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 38.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 45.jpg scotland_beachclean_09 - 12.jpg scotland_beachclean_09 - 15.jpg scotland_beachclean_10 - 47.jpg scotland_autumn_09 - 160.jpg IMG_9869.JPG