FOLIO : Illustration

Collage and 3D. When I moved from London to Amsterdam I decoded Holland through Dutch Food traditions using the food packaging in collage and paint. The HEMA is my favourite shop, famous for it’s Smoked Sausage. A favourite Dutch dish Boerenkool met Worst is traditionally served with kale and mashed potato.


05 Hagelslag.jpg IMG_2042.jpg 09 Olliebollen.jpg IMG_2043.jpg


Queen’s Day mailing: press out the Queen’s hair and be Queen for the day, 30th April.

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Documenting my cafes.


Painting real Lemons and Tomatoes in hot Liguria, Italy for a series of 9 cards for HEMA.


A series of 9 cake cards and 6 stand-up cards for children, HEMA.


A series of 9 children’s PLAY cards with wrapping paper and labels.  Promotion for NIVEA.


IMG_2096.jpg IMG_2099.jpg IMG_2094.jpg 01.jpg

3D Collage Illustration for publishing, advertising and design.

05 USA Short Stories .jpg

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